How to start a photography blog and make money online?

Let’s start a photography blog this year and make money online blogging!

Sounds fun ha! and you probably searched on Google the same and that’s why you ended up in this blog post…

I’m a blogger who built several blogs and I did teach people how to start a successful blog from scratch. If you are new to blogging, first you need to know how to start a blog and easiest way is to start a WordPress blog with perfectly done SEO to it. So it ranks on search engines and helps you get the organic free traffic you can monetise.

You can learn how to start a WordPress and do SEO step by Step here in this guide

And next, you must know what are the best ways to make money blogging. There are many ways and for me, I did use 10 ways to earn as a blogger. You can read the 10 money making blogging strategies at


Click the above image and you will be taken to the place where I’ve explained it all to you.

By: Fernando – CEO Of ClickDo Ltd. UK


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Quality Magicians to hire

From Magician’s entrance, you know it’s going to be fun and laughs all the way. Here is something unexpected and different. A versatile performer with over thirty years experience, Magician Birmingham is an adept sleight-of-hand artist turned comedian. Under the guise of comedy-magic, he secretly picks the pockets of his unsuspecting “victims.” To the delight of the whole audience, he smoothly lifts watches and wallets – even ties, belts and suspenders. The hilarious manner in which these articles are returned makes a fitting climax to the fun.

A Few Quotes about our MAGICIANS Performance
“Thank you so much for your fantastic show at our recent Member-Guest Day here at Mesa Verde Country Club. We have had nothing but rave reviews. If anyone is looking for an endorsement of your magic show, please do not hesitate to use us as a reference.
“So many employees commented on how much and how hard they laughed that I wanted you to know what a hit you were!!! Comments such as ‘haven’t laughed so hard in years,’ ‘laughed till I cried,’ and ‘the best Christmas entertainment we’ve ever had,’ were a few of the compliments. Thank you Magician UK”
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Creative videos for branding your professional services company

Creative videos are a great way to get attention and stand out it a competitive market place. If you for example, let’s say running professional cleaning company then you must think about how you can get your company stand out.

of course taking amazing photos comes first.

If you check the exemple EOT Cleaning, they do the best creative branding in London as the leading professional cleaning company. That’s the reason they are most in demand end of tenancy cleaning company in London.

See some of the dressing preparations for the videos done by ClickDo Media.



You get the picture!!!

Check some of teh best videos done for creative branding and get into the people’s minds.

Below is another video:

If you would like to see the production day fund by ClickDo Media team….

With that being said, if you are a local business in London, UK you should think about creative branding for your business to thrive online.

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3 Best Brands for Contemporary Décor

Contemporary-DécorWhen it comes to picking the best brands for contemporary décor, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll be bombarded with numerous options to choose from. Different designers will differ on which the best brand is between the many that are available in the market. But by the end of it all, a good brand for contemporary décor is one that helps bring out the best in your space, and gives you value for money. The most expensive may not always be the best; and the most affordable may not be as durable as expected. The trick lies in picking reputable brands that has been tried and tested. Below, you can have a look at some of the best brands for contemporary home décor;

  • Snowe; Snowe is a popular brand for many interior designers looking to create the perfect contemporary décor. The brand specializes in home basics like dishwashers, bedding, towels, dishware, and towels; you can buy them all in one set. This makes this brand a top preference for ambitious interior designers looking to create the perfect matching of items.
  • Boca La Dobo; Boca La Dobo is a luxurious, and often expensive brand that deals in contemporary furniture. These furniture pieces are designed by top engineers and artisans in Portugal, to give them an amazing futuristic look and feel.  This is not furniture that’s popular simply for its unique looks; rather, it awakes the emotions and gives the user an experience they can’t suppress.  The stylishness and luxuriousness of Boca La Dobo largely comes from the creative nature of the manufacturer. Think of luxurious, stylish mahogany tables that defy gravity, with the top appearing to be hanging from the base of the table. And yet, they are as stable as any other table. It’s such daring creativity coupled with creativeness that makes this brand a force to reckon with.
  • Huset; is also a top brand that makes nice contemporary furniture pieces. If you love Scandinavian interior designing then this brand won’t disappoint. It embraces simplicity and functionality in a way that captivates the eye. From rugs to chairs and many more, Huset never fails to enhance a room’s contemporary décor. The brand is readily available and can be found in many online design stores. See fci London designer furniture on Facebook.

These are just three of the best brands in the market; there are many more that interior designers rate highly. What’s important is that you know your budget before opting for any particular brand.

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How to Mix Different Interior Styles

The beauty of the interior design is that it is not constant; it is ever changing and improving. You can mix different interior styles for your space and come up with an amazing look and feel. However, you have to have superior instincts. Notice the word instincts, rather than knowledge or experience. The best interior designers can pick out an abnormally from a mile away; thanks to their design instincts. You too should be able to tell what would look with what, what needs to be replaced, what is lacking, and so on so forth. Usually, you can mix traditional furniture pieces with modern ones, oriental, contemporary, and so on so forth. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Start by a careful inspection of your space before making your next move. Look at the items and decide what needs to be moved, what you need to add, and then go get it. Interior designers have a rule known as the 80/20 rule. This means that you use 80% of the dominant design, and then mix it with 20% of an additional design. The 80% should comprise of the dominant style, usually of items that are hard to replace. Think of 80% modern furniture, mixed with 20% traditional pieces. See more on
  • You can also try grouping similar items together, regardless of what design they have. These could modern furniture pieces, contemporary pieces, both grouped according to the similarities they have. This could be on the basis of their color, texture, size, etc. This applies especially to smaller items like flower vases, art collections, etc.
  • Another great idea of successfully mixing different interior styles lies in designating a different style to different room. For instance, the entire house may have embraced the modern style, complete with modern furniture pieces; but the study room can be designed in the traditional style, complete with traditional wooden seats, shelves, study table, and a lamp stand next to the table. You can then decide to design the balcony or home garden with contemporary style; for instance contemporary furniture pieces made of tough upholstery to withstand the outdoor weather variations.

Mixing different interior styles needs you to be creative, and an eye for detail. The beauty of it is that you have the freedom and independence to experiment, compare and contrast the different looks you create. If need be, you can also get in touch with a professional interior designer to help you get the best results.

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Electrical Work Around The Home

All homes need some kind of repair at some stage and there are many people out her that are DIY enthusiasts that like to have a go themselves. This is done as a hobby or to try to save a few pounds.

There is a certain job that you should not try unless you are a qualified professional. Electrical work is extremely dangerous and you risk further damage or injury to yourself. This can even be fatal if not done property.

Things that can go wrong is power failure, or damage to the wiring behind the walls.

electrical tools


There are different types of electrician and some specialise in commercial and domestic. You will find that some electrical contractors will operate in both.

If you are selling or renting a property out, you will need to have all of the electrics checked out so that they are in full working order and safe.

Do some research before hiring to make sure that you get the best person for the job. The most popular method is to search online as this is convenient and quick.

Every website will be different so you will need to go through each and look at their credentials and references. Of course, you may even know an electrician yourself through a friend of neighbour that is qualified.

A good example of this is SOS Electrical contractors London. When looking at a website, before you choose go through as many pages as you can so that you can check out their credentials and qualifications. Make sure that the company is full insured also, just in case anything goes wrong.

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How to Clear Waste From a Big Event

While big events are often filled with happy times, they are also most likely to generate huge waste. When not properly disposed of, this waste can add up and damage the enviroment. Each type of waste has its challenges when it comes to clearing it and can need the help of a professional.

Here is how to clear waste from a big event

outdoor event

  • Plan ahead: To run a successful event that is also sustainable, you have to plan ahead. Educate staff or employees who will be running the event and request them to use reusable or recycled containers and packaging materials. Planning will also help identify waste behaviors and alternatives on how to reduce or recycle them.
  • Be organized: Collect and put all the waste in respective bins. Instead of dumping all the waste in the landfills, sort it and select items whose usefulness can be prolonged. Donate reuse items to charity organization, schools for use in art projects and sell any working items.
  • Start a compost and recycling program: Clear the foods and organic waste generated on the sites by putting them in a compost bin. Compostable break down to release nutrients that can enrich the soil without adding any harmful chemicals.
  • Hire waste removal services: It can be exhausting and time-consuming to remove large rubbish yourself. You also risk getting injuries if you do not have professional training on how to get rid of waste. Hiring a professional waste removal company, will save you time and will even dispose of toxic waste in a proper manner. To find a company to hire, go online and type in something like rubbish clearance in london

Large rubbish generated by big events can be exhausting to clear. You will save time and energy by hiring a professional waste removal company.

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Looking for replacement windows Naperville

  • Double Hung Windows – Consist of movable upper and lower sashes that allow easy cleaning from the inside. They come in double and triple pane configurations to meet your efficiency needs and can be used in any room of the home.
  • Casement Windows – Considered to be the most elegant style that functions as good as it looks. They provide improved airflow and fit well in country and modern themed houses. Perfect for sun rooms or adding an upscale look.
  • Bow and Bay Windows – Great for bedrooms and kitchens since their large design will actually make the rooms look and feel larger. You can configure these windows with built-in shelves for sitting plants or just sitting around.

Get more info on other amazing styles and configurations in our Vinyl Replacement Windows Naperville section. You can also view the various options for custom colors, woodgrain finishes, built-in blinds and more.

Contact us now to get more information by requesting a FREE Estimate from one of Chicago’s best window companies, Windows Plus!

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